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Making a product launch, congress or training the perfect experience for the participants requires significant work and taking care for details. What about the registration? It’s not the entrance, the registration is actually the first impression for the participants. Greet your participants with the perfect first impression provided by Octaved Events!  
Set up your registration with Octaved Events within minutes, customize it for your needs, optionally enrich it with event logos, images, brochures and other information. Octaved Events is very flexible and powerful, but very easy and intuitive to use. Features include responsiveness, flexible registration periods, adjustable registration form fields, event-in-event, travel documents, post-event survey and much more.

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Have a look at the major features Octaved has on board. Using Octaved gives your visitors the perfect experience already during the registration process.


While for an internal training a rather basic setup might do, you may want to enrich the event information of a bigger event with an event logo, images, brochures and other information. Octaved Events’ configuration set is powerful and flexible at the same time.     


Not only your event information, but also locations, travel options and your overnight offers are easily handled in Octaved Events. Decide how detailed your descriptions should be and avoid repetitive work with the help of Octaved Events.     


Sub events are useful in a variety of scenarios. Create a simple agenda for your visitors or sell seats in speeches, workshops or test drives. The numerous features of sub events, which include for example capacity handling and pricing, allow nearly any usage you can imagine.  


During your event, Octaved Events helps your visitors to arrive at the right place in time. Instead of relying on printed, maybe outdated, agendas, your visitors get up-to-date information about what comes up next directly on their mobile devices.   


The Octaved Events skins are programmed to have an excellent, professional, yet fresh design which works equally good on any device. From large screens to regular computer screens, iPads or other tablets in portrait or landscape down to mobile phones the user experience is always great.   


Octaved Events provides different options to style the event overview and detail page. Simple color adjustments, different ready-to-use skins or even custom-programmed skins are possibilities to express your CI. You can also change the skin  later with a single click and Octaved makes sure everything looks as nice as before.   


Customer surveys are an important tool for improving the own service quality. The survey module of Octaved Events was designed to keep the barriers for your visitors as low as possible which helps you getting maximum responses. Compare the results easily and discover how your events developed in a certain period of time.


Your door staff downloads a scan app on the phone or tablet by simply clicking a link. The app is independent of app stores or operating systems and ready to go. After scanning a QR code on the registration confirmation, you receive direct feedback to check if the participant's ticket is valid. If necessary scanning works even offline if no internet connection is available.   


Intranet and Extranet users but also external guests can be invited comfortably using the email invitation. Invite a single person by entering the email address or upload a list of all guests and send out bulk invitations. Besides sending out an informative email, the assistant lets you decide if you want to offer the participation for the invitee for free. 


Octaved Events gives you full control about the fields you are asking your participants to fill out. Larger events may require a longer form than a company meeting and you are able to change the configuration with just a simple click. Make sure your visitors are not bothered with useless questions and you are fulfilling GDPR requirements regarding data economy at the same time.   


Event participants are receiving numerous documents like hotel booking confirmations, travel directions or PowerPoint presentations. Instead of sending out all those documents by email, you can simply add them to the event or a registration. Your participants find them now in a single place on the event page and can download them comfortably whenever they need them.  


Your event requires specific settings for booking periods, cancelation periods or cancellation fees? The regular setting, which is working well for most events, can be adjusted in every needed way. Set different start and end dates for sub events or apply high cancellation fees at the end to avoid late cancellations.   


Octaved Events gives you full control on all your registrations and allows your call center to help your customers at any time or even register new participants directly. Download the full registration data or specific parts to forward them to your suppliers.  


Octaved Events takes care about the complete communication with your visitors and automatically sends out emails in every step of the process. For a quick start, the emails are using by default the universal email template. If you want to apply your own design and wording, you can set up your own email templates easily.    


High-end rights management, internationalization and collaborations features make Octaved the perfect choice for international companies and organizations. Octaved Events comes with an API for easy data synchronization with your exisiting applications. 
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