Octaved is a product of h.com networkers GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany. h.com has experience in dynamic web content since 1999 and developed their first content management system in 2003. 

It has always been a part of h.com’s services to support customers in setting up, maintaining and expanding web communication platforms. And h.com has a lot of experience. From the first idea to the final solution h.com will be your partner, support and guide. 

Support can be from how to structure content to setting up permissions so that they can be efficiently implemented with the least amount of work and risk.

One of the key ideas of Octaved is to be a platform for customer individual, context tailored expansions. Many systems struggle in providing a clear interface for expansions avoiding deadlock situations where the integrity becomes uncontrollable. Octaved cannot only be expanded with individual plugins while keeping the whole setup easily maintainable, but also the plugins can use standard Octaved functions. That makes the customer-individual plugin development safe, stable and efficient. 

While h.com offers standard plugins for Octaved, we are looking forward to flex our muscles as strong software developers and get your individual Octaved plugins done to your specification. If you do not know your specification in detail yet, we help you to get a clear picture. Processes can be analyzed and often streamlined before implementing a new tool if you wish.

h.com is not a web agency and has no copytext writers or web designers. However, h.com is looking forward to work with your web marketing specialists and supply the tools they need.