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A common mistake in international environments is to confuse languages with countries. Yes, French is spoken in France, but in many other countries as well. Octaved brings built-in, ready-to-use functions to show your French product line to the people in France and not to all French speaking. 

With Octaved’s concept of content sister pages a page can have “sisters” with modified or totally different content depending on the target group. All are managed at a centrally and have the same place, but what is actually displayed depends on the categorization. 

Any type of content selector is possible. The most obvious are countries. Another option is to divide between professionals and consumers (“enthusiasts”). Different information is supplied for the same topic. Tailoring information using content sister pages dramatically increases perception. 


The feature list above is quite lengthy but still covers only a part of Octaved's features. Octaved is very logical and easy to use. It just makes sense to try Octaved as there is no time you need to learn it. 
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