octaved - feature HIGHLIGHTs


Octaved contains a high-end content management system and it offers features beyond the capabilities of conventional CMS.  

In addition, Octaved is made for expansion by apps. In other words, there is a standard procedure how expansions are tailored to and programmed for Octaved customers and how they are kept up-to-date with newer versions of Octaved. Standard maintenance procedure keeps your investment in own apps safe. 

Apps can be programmed/tailored to customer’s demands. There are also standard apps available for licensing. h.com networkers GmbH, the company behind Octaved, keeps on bringing new apps available on the market for licensing. In many cases licensing is possible on a monthly or even on a daily base.


The feature list above is quite lengthy but still covers only a part of Octaved's features. Octaved is very logical and easy to use. It just makes sense to try Octaved as there is no time you need to learn it. 
  • 30 days free trail
  • All features included*
  • Ready to use cloud version
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* As long as Octaved runs in trial mode the event registration form and all email communication have a “trial version” banner.