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Octaved Flow is an innovative and novel software that provides a solution for efficient, well-functioning team work from the home office.

With Octaved Flow you can work together in a time saving and productive manner, even without ongoing personal contact and meetings. The theme based approach with Octaved Flow means more efficiency, more fun, more sense of success, fewer mistakes, fewer extra rounds. In the end, more productivity despite the spatial distance in the home office.
Octaved Flow contains the 3 pillars board, planning and time recording, with which work in the home office is noticeably improved.

The Board - Everything Important in Direct Access

Targeted and Effective - That's the Only Way Home Office WorksEmails with a lot of cc: are anything but optimalIn the office it is common ask your colleague what the bottom line of an email with lots of cc: and lots of answers is. It is not necessarily optimal if this is done in the regular office. But it becomes a noticeable problem in the home office. 

Home office as an amplifier of cumbersome processesIn the office, email is already anything but an ideal way to discuss topics. The home office acts like an amplifier for processes that are cumbersome and time-consuming in the regular office. The snowball effect creates even more messages.

Targeted and effective work with Octaved FlowWith Octaved Flow, information is exchanged between those who really concern it and in logically structured topics. Instead of using the watering can principle, information is exchanged in a targeted manner. Efficiency is key because it always takes a step more to exchange ideas with others in the home office.
Productivity through Straightforward WorkflowAll information in one placeAll important information in one place. Well structured and clear to survey. Where did we put this Excel file? With Octaved Flow, the spreadsheet is assigned to the topic and therefore at hand at the right moment.

Entry into topics immediately possibleIt is immediately possible to start a new topic because you can find everything relevant in the right place - always in the latest version. Those who can find their way around do not have to wait for the next video conference or get others out of their flow with a chat.

Determine the process yourselfInstead of being exposed to a flood of information, you determine the process yourself - how you can move most effectively. And if you no longer have to change the subject so often during the day, you have more “flow” in the daily routine. This is just as important in the home office as in the regular office. A quieter atmosphere alone doesn't bring it.


Always Keep an Overview Organization and personal responsibilityIn today's working world, there is rarely an opportunity to do things in sequence. Most of the time you have many topics on your table in parallel. Because coordination in the home office is one step more, it is all the more important to know the goals of the team and to organize yourself transparently.

Everything on the radar with Octaved Flow Octaved Flow helps you to keep an overview and always have everything important on your radar. If you can no longer call out to someone "please remember xyz...", a project organization that you can read up on is invaluable. With Octaved Flow this is easy and without having write down things twice.

Time Recording

Transparency and TrustHourly records for external and internal customersIf you have to prove working hours to your external or internal customers, this is the main argument for project time recording. Octaved Flow ensures transparency and seamless billing. Because the work is topic-based, the time is recorded on the side and without noticeable additional effort.

Building up trust
The flexibility of the timing is a big plus when working from the home office. With a comprehensible time recording, both sides know what they are up to. Octaved Flow creates a plus of trust. Of course without changing programs and in one flow.

Better collaboration through transparencyJust to see what someone has done in the team and what the team is currently working on helps to assess things correctly and avoid a reality and expectations diverge. 


Is home office synonymous with loss of control? This fear is certainly not appropriate. Trust is important when working in the regular office and in the home office there is only a little more. The fact that it is reassuring for both sides if the work performance is documented is less relevant in the end.

It's not about control, it's about seeing what others are doing, staying on the ball and drawing the right conclusions. Nothing is more effective than a team in which everyone thinks. And access to the relevant information is absolutely essential. However, if these are "in a big pile" or if there are different systems where you can find something, the mere existence of them is of no use.

This is exactly where Octaved Flow shows its strength. Since all information and discussions, the planning and the time recording are assigned to a topic, a comprehensible system arises automatically. Once you have considered how you want to proceed as a company, department or team, the system pulls through everything thanks to Octaved Flow.

This is the recipe for success for companies that successfully offer working in home office: Document more and do it in such a way that everyone involved has access to the information. It is of little use in a personal notebook, whether on paper or electronically. With Octaved Flow, as the name suggests, you can do it in one workflow.

Octaved Flow helps to streamline processes and make processes more efficient. It works in the home office as in the regular office. Because what increases productivity in the home office, also works in the regular office.

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