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Technical details

Cloud or on premise, 3 models

Model 1 
Cloud / Shared
Octaved Flow is operated in the Octaved Cloud. You don't have to worry about updates or backups, Octaved Flow is available as a service.
Model 2 
Cloud / Dedicated
Operation takes place in the cloud, but on its own server. You also do not have to worry about configuration, updates or backups. Octaved Flow is suitable for dynamic hosting and thus multiple servers can be provided for very large installations, which are automatically started up or shut down depending on the load.
Model 3 
on premise
The servers for Octaved Flow are your responsibility or the responsibility of your IT department / IT service provider. The servers can be in your data center or at a (cloud) provider of your choice. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to both variants as “on premise. networkers GmbH, the company behind Octaved Flow, supports your IT during the setup.


  • Octaved Flow can communicate with ticket systems, merchandise management systems or time recording systems via standard interfaces.
  • Octaved Flow can write data to other systems, for example the total of the time bookings in an ERP system or the hourly records for the invoice module of the ERP system. Customizations are usually necessary. Note: In the evaluation phase of Octaved Flow and as a workaround, the Excel export function of Octaved Flow can be used.
  • Other systems can write data in Octaved Flow. For example, time booking data from the ticket system could be written in Octaved Flow.
  • The REST standard is used. Appropriate documentation will be made available if required.
  • A dedicated cloud server (or on premise) is used for higher volumes of data exchange.


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