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Who is behind Octaved Flow

More about networkers GmbH networkers GmbH is a software company that has been developing software for companies for over 20 years. In parallel, has been developing software for intranets and extranets since 2003, which has been successfully used as a platform for medium-sized and large customer projects. The product was originally called h.content, but was renamed Octaved in 2017.
The mastermind and managing director is Christian Haag, who has been working in the software industry for 35 years and thus has extensive project experience. 
From experience knows what companies and people in companies really need and how software has to be made so that it “works” in a company. has been using the ideas behind Octaved Flow in projects for 20 years, primarily for tracking and billing. When there was an accumulation of customer inquiries that wanted software with the features of Octaved Flow, the wish became a reality. 
Interestingly enough, many customers did not want the full functionality of Octaved Flow. But when all requirements were overlaid, the range of functions of Octaved Flow was almost organic. 
Octaved Flow was developed in 2019/2020 and has been available since early 2020.


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