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The prices for Octaved Flow

You can use Octaved Flow in the cloud or install it on your own servers. Alternatively, rent or purchase are available.
Model 1
Cloud / Shared
Octaved Flow is operated in the Octaved Cloud. From the point of view of the company, you do not have to do anything else.
Per user per year:
300 €
Demo Access
(Corresponding to 25 € per month per user)
Model 2
Cloud / Dedicated
Operation takes place in the cloud, but on a separate server for you. You do not have to worry about installation, operation or updates here either.
Per user per year: 
270 €
Order Request
Operation of the server: 
from 500 € per month
Model 3
on premise / rental
The servers for Octaved Flow and the operation are your responsibility or the responsibility of your IT department / your IT service provider.
Per user per year: 
270 €
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Model 4
on premise / purchase
One time per user:
1.200 €
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Maintenance (all updates) 
per user per year: 30 €
All prices plus VAT • Invoicing takes place annually and in advance • A user license is for one person • Price list valid since February 2020
If you are interested in more than 500 user licenses, please contact us. 
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 +49 (211) 233942-42.


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