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Octaved Flow is software for increasing productivity, which provides a solution for a central problem in the working world with a new, innovative concept.

Octaved Flow replaces fragmented work on distributed information with a topic-based approach. This means more efficiency, more fun, more success, fewer mistakes and fewer extra rounds. In the end, more productivity through a better flow in your daily work.
Octaved Flow contains the 3 pillars board, planning and time recording, which show their full strength when combined.

Board - Central Information Hub

Curb the Flood of EmailsLess unnecessary emailEspecially the emails with a lot of cc: cause people to have to sort out information again and again. And the more often an email goes back and forth between the participants, the more confusing the actual information becomes. Where Octaved Flow is used, fewer emails are sent.

Work purposefully and effectivelyWith Octaved Flow, information is exchanged between those who really concern it and in logically structured topics. Instead of using the watering can principle, information is exchanged in a targeted manner. This means more efficiency for the individual and significant savings in unnecessary work in the team.
Increased Productivity through Straightforward WorkflowAll information in one placeAll important information in one place. Well structured and clear to survey. Where did we put this Excel file? With Octaved Flow, the Excel spreadsheet is assigned to the topic and therefore at hand at the right moment.

Entry into topics immediately possibleIt is possible to start a new topic immediately because you can find everything relevant in the right place - always in the latest version. If you can find your way around, you will progress faster than with frequent queries from colleagues.

Determine the process yourselfInstead of being exposed to a flood of information, you determine the process yourself - how you can move most effectively. And if you no longer have to change the subject so often during the day, you have more “flow” in the daily routine.
Board Elements for Every PurposeModular designInformation is composed of board elements that are simply dragged onto the board with the mouse. This is easy, is self-explanatory and works without much thought.

Something suitable for every purposeMeeting reports, documentation, discussions, photos from the flip chart or questions in the group - there is a suitable board element for every purpose.

Always the latest versionThe latest version with the most current information is always visible. The complete editing history is always available.


Practical, Realistic, Modern Optimized for today's working worldIn today's working world, there is rarely an opportunity to do things in sequence. Most of the time you have many topics on the table in parallel, the timing depends on others. If you only deal with one topic, it is rather a critical situation.

Have everything on your radar In practice, you juggle different topics. Octaved Flow helps you to keep an overview and always have everything important on your radar. 
Replace the Organizational Approach from the Era of Steam EnginesRenew outdated organizational approachesThe challenges of the modern working world are still met with organizational approaches that date from the steam engine era. Specifications are necessary, but a framework that is too rigid is simply unrealistic in the complex world of work.

Modern methodologyWith Octaved Flow you replace obsolete approaches with a modern methodology that corresponds to today's working world and realistically reproduces it. Octaved Flow helps to keep the overview, even with a variety of topics on your desk.
Motivated to the goalAgile and predictableAgile working methods are often preferred within implementation teams and are increasingly used. However, companies need predictability in terms of financing and time.

Self-organization with an external frameworkTwo worlds collide here. Octaved Flow solves the problem by providing the project manager with an external framework in which the teams can organize themselves and act flexible. The teams have the right amount of freedom, have fun at work and are motivated to finish.

Time Recording

Error-free and without noticeable additional effortMeaningful evidenceWhether you have to prove your working hours to your customers or internally, the absolute correctness of the evidence is essential for the relationship of trust. Octaved Flow ensures transparency and seamless billing.

Effortless time tracking in the workflowBecause work with Octaved Flow is subject-based anyway, the time recording can be done on the side. This avoids mistakes and there is no noticeable additional effort. Of course without changing programs and in one flow.
Analyze Profitability EffectiveProject contribution marginsWith Octaved Flow, the profitability of projects can be reliably analyzed. Projects can be compared and conclusions can be drawn for future optimizations.

Categorization of customers and profitabilityAs with good glasses, Octaved Flow creates a clear view of the facts. Customers are no longer judged only by “gut feeling”. Well-founded decisions can be made as to which measures are 
most suitable for customer loyalty.

Identify weaknesses in productivity in your own companyOctaved Flow can also be used to track down internal organizational problems, such as hidden expenses or unnecessary internal loops in work processes.


Manageable work packagesIn the work breakdown, projects and tasks are broken down into manageable and easy-to-understand work packages, for larger projects also on several levels. 

The connecting element of Octaved FlowThe work breakdown is the connecting element of Octaved Flow. The information exchange on the board takes place within the framework of work packages, as does planning and time recording. If information is to be contributed, it does not take long to find a suitable place. This is very intuitive due to the work breakdown.

Self-organization and initiativeFor self-organization of teams, tasks are created in work packages, which can be done by yourself, assigned to others or worked through as a team. This means self-determined work on your own initiative within the framework specified by project managers. 
Exchange of information on the board
Planning of projects and tasks
Project time recording for billing and profitability analysis
Work breakdown, dividing projects into packages
Evaluations, reliable information about customers, projects, departments

Octaved Flow Functions in Action

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Questions and Answers

Can I use the board, planning and time recording individually?
Yes. In every combination, for example board and planning but no time recording. Or just the board. Or just time tracking. And if you want to use another pillar one day, just do it.
How difficult is it to get Octaved Flow started?
Octaved Flow is immediately ready for use. You invite other participants by email and can get started right away.
How far do I have to adapt my work methodology to Octaved Flow?
Not at all. Octaved Flow is flexible and adapts to your work methodology - continuously. In the initial phase, you might think about how to organize your projects in a more straightforward manner or how to structure the exchange of information better. Then Octaved Flow indirectly contributes to an improvement.
Is there no need for emails with Octaved Flow?
It's not about reducing the number of emails to zero. E-mails with a cc distributor are the problem, especially those with a lot of cc. The processing of information in the head from several sources is exhausting. If you can act instead of having to react, the flow is created, work is (again) fun and productivity increases.
Is Octaved Flow a collaboration tool?
Rather no. Maybe indirectly. The boom in collaboration tools is of course not to be overlooked. Octaved Flow does not cling to it, but is an independent product category. Developed from years of experience in what companies really need, what can actually be used in practice and which offers recognizable advantages.
Where does the name "Flow" come from?
"Flow" is a state in which you get involved in your work and are extremely productive. You can only get into the flow with undisturbed concentration - a real challenge with constant interruptions in today's working world. With Octaved Flow, you don't have to react as often, gather information or compile lists. Instead, you keep an overview, find everything important on a topic in the right place and can work better in the flow. That increases productivity and efficiency. Octaved Flow also ensures a better flow of information within and between teams. And a better flow in the project through realistic planning. So there are enough reasons for the name "Flow".


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